These information sources are grouped by type.

The useful book list contains only titles that are available in the Reed library. Check the stacks using the call numbers or links given below. Use the book’s index to find information. Tables of contents are usually a waste of time.

Note on book level: Introductory books will answer many basic questions about nomenclature and named reactions. Start here if you can. Advanced books focus on a particular aspect of organic chemistry – structure, mechanism, synthesis – and contain references to research literature. Many of these books have been issued in multiple editions. Look for the newest edition, but don’t waste too much time searching for it because content does not vary that much from one edition to the next.

The useful web page list contains several pages that I have used repeatedly. Caveat for web users: web content is more uneven and unreliable than book content. Don’t shun the web, but don’t let it become your only source of information.

Have you discovered a useful title or web page? Email me your information. Thanks.

Books – Introductory

Books – Advanced (structure & mechanism)

  • E.V. Anslyn & D.A. Dougherty, “Modern Physical Organic Chemistry,QD476 .A57 2004 – The most up-to-date coverage of this subject.
  • F.A. Carey & R.J. Sundberg, “Advanced Organic Chemistry, Pt. A,” QD251.2 .C36 2000 – Reactions covered in part A may also appear in part B
  • T.H. Lowry & K.S. Richardson, “Mechanism & Theory in Organic Chemistry,” QD476 .L68 1987
  • F.A. Carroll, “Perspectives on Structure & Mechanism in Organic Chemistry,” QD476 .C375 1998

Books – Advanced (reactions & synthesis)

  • F.A. Carey & R.J. Sundberg, “Advanced Organic Chemistry, Pt. B,” QD251.2 .C36 2000 – Reactions covered in part B may also appear in part A
  • M.B. Smith & J. March, “March’s Advanced Organic Chemistry: Reactions, Mechanism, & Structure,QD251.2 M37 2001 – Early editions list March as the sole author and do not include “March” in the title.
  • Fiesers’ Reagents for Organic Synthesis,QD262 .F54 1999 – Multi-volume series. Early volumes had slightly different titles: “Fieser & Fieser’s Reagents …” or simply “Reagents …”

Web Pages

  • Wikipedia contains information on named reactions (search for “Diels-Alder”), properties of specific compounds, and more
  • Organic Chemistry Info contains scores of data tables (named reactions, pKa, etc.) This link also appears under “Useful Stuff: Tools – Hans Reich”
  • Not Voodoo is rapidly becoming an authoritative (and maybe also the most humorous) source of information for students and researchers at all levels
  • Publications (ACS) provides links to all ACS journal home pages. This links also appears under “Useful Stuff: Journals – ACS”
  • Resolve a DOI takes you directly to the download page of any article that has a DOI label. Example: typing 10.1021/ol702280q into the search box takes you to the download page for paper #1
  • Chemistry Research Guide – Reed College Library is a longer list (equals “safety net”) of useful sources compiled by our science librarian, Linda Maddux, in consultation with chemistry faculty